How to Start Amusement and theme parks Business In Africa

More people are looking for great places to relax and socialize – offer it!

Around the world, parks, recreation and relaxation centers like bars and nightclubs are symbolic features of every city‘s social life. With one of the world‘s fastest rising urbanization rates, Africa‘s cities are becoming hotspots for children, young families, single professionals, young adults, tourists, and business travelers who want to play, connect and have a great time over drinks, food and entertainment.

During the day (especially early evenings and weekends), the main entertainment spots are usually in open spaces like amusement parks, beaches, and open-air recreation centers. In the late evenings, bars and nightclubs are often the regular features in many of the big cities. The growing spending power among the continent‘s middle and upper classes, its overwhelmingly young population and huge appetite for fun and partying makes the relaxation and recreation business an attractive prospect for entrepreneurs and investors.

Business Concept

While you could open the next bar or nightclub in town, you will have a huge competitive advantage if you meet a demand and at the same time offer something that is simply not out there yet.

Word will spread fast and set you apart when you have a unique selling point and the ideas are endless: Build an indoor playground and combine that with a restaurant or café, run speed dating (where culturally appropriate) or organize business networking events in a local bar (the bar can be yours or someone else‘s), which could attract local sponsors once the events have become popular.

Niche Idea

Family and children‘s entertainment
Amusement and theme parks (not many exist on the continent)

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

Again, this is a business area that would work anywhere in Africa, but it will clearly have better success rates in the dynamic capital cities of the fastest growing economies where you find an exploding middle class. The upper-middle class may be your top target. The best locations for your businesses will therefore be in South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, or Mauritius.

Action & Tips

 One of the best tips is to be inspired by the amazing and creative entertainment, socializing, and networking options that exist in the West for various segments of the society. They may not even be a big deal there, but it could go a long way in Africa.

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