How to Start A Business Of Offering Waste Disposal And Collection Solutions

Waste is a serious inconvenience to individuals, households, businesses and industries, especially in the urban areas. For this reason, people frequently need a cheap and convenient way to dispose of their waste in order to safeguard their health and the environment.
Take human waste, for example. In many African towns and cities there are inadequate public toilet facilities, and most townships, towns, and villages face the same problem.

With millions of people on the move every day across the continent, affordable and convenient human waste disposal remains a problem for many people. In Lagos, for example, one of Africa‘s most populated urban areas, this need is more apparent as people relieve themselves indiscriminately in open spaces. But you will find that happening across Africa and yes, you guessed it, this is where the brave ones among you can do business!

Business Concept

This is a clear case: There are already young businesses operating very successfully in this niche offering both mobile toilets and affordable toilet blocks. You can simply copy their concept and start operating anywhere in Africa.

There may also be franchising or simple partnership options, so get in touch with those who successfully operate in Nigeria and Kenya – this may allow you to simply use and disseminate an already functioning toilet system and earn profit this way. And it is not just the service delivery that produces money for you. Using pretty simple technology, you can turn the waste into biogas energy and sell that, too.

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

The waste management business will work anywhere in Africa!

Action & Tips

 There are several concepts of portable and public toilet systems already existing in Africa, but ideas can also be taken from other emerging markets such as India or Brazil. Your best way will be to choose an appropriate system that would work locally and replicate that.

Success Story Isaac Durojaiye – DMT Mobile Toilets (Nigeria)

This is not a recent business success story, but nevertheless one to tell: Isaac started Dignified Mobile Toilets (DMT) in 1992 after observing that there were only about 500 functional public toilets in Nigeria, a country with a population of more than 130 million. The mobile toilets are made of durable plastic materials and are available for sale, rent and for leasing.

DMT maintains the toilets and its specialized trucks evacuate the human waste twice a week from each toilet. DMT is a very successful and profitable business and was featured recently on national and international media, including CNN. DMT Toilets are now a common sight at construction sites, public areas and outdoor events.

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