How To Get Rich Fixing Computers In Africa

If you love to fix computers, you’re in luck!
As more Africans go digital, it‘s not just mobile phones that are on the rise. Every year, millions of personal computers (PCs) are sold on the continent and the range of computer hardware and gadgets available on the market these days is just amazing. This includes everything from desktop computers, portable computers (laptops and tablets) and the wide range of accessories that support them.

There‘s another opportunity that exists in Africa that is bigger than selling computers; it‘s fixing computers. First, not many people who use a computer know how to fix it when something goes wrong. Second, computer technology is changing so fast these days that most people cannot catch up. These two factors have created a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to build businesses that help both individuals and business users to install, troubleshoot, maintain, fix and repair all kinds of computer hardware and software.

Business Concept

This works perfectly in Africa where many people simply cannot afford to just buy another computer when something is wrong. You may want to target this big mass market; if so, you can operate from your own home and employ others in the same way to get you started.
We believe that excellent customer service and a fast response rate is what will set you apart almost anywhere you start your business. This is what will make you very competitive and why people would start to refer you or come back to you.

Niche Idea

There aren‘t a lot of fixers for Apple devices (Macbooks, iPads, iPhones and iPods). Specialize and serve this niche market.

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

This would work across Africa.

Action & Tips

 Start over-delivering and surprising your customers in the first few years of your startup to quickly grow your customer base — it will pay off in the long run.

Success Story Colin Thornton, Dial-A-Nerd (South Africa) Colin Thornton is one of the leading entrepreneurs in this space. Working out of his parents‟ garage at age 20, Colin has built a $10 million business that helps several major clients solve their computer and IT problems.

Today, his company, Dial-A-Nerd, is one of South Africa‟s most promising IT support companies providing IT services and remote support for SMEs and schools. Colin was featured in the Forbes list of Ten Young African Millionaires to Watch in 2013. Who would have thought that fixing computers would make you a celebrity? Now you know it could!

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