How To Build Business Management Tools And Sell Them Across Borders

Thousands of businesses across Africa are in desperate need of tools to help them run their businesses in an effective, efficient and profitable way. In all industries – agriculture, tourism, retail, health, etc. – entrepreneurs and business people will pay a reasonable price for a solution that makes business management a breeze.

Did you know that most businesses in Africa get turned down for funding because they have no reliable financial records? This is where you can come in!

Business Concept

This concept is straightforward yet so powerful: Build software that African companies can use to improve their efficiency, and manage everyday business tasks such as Human Resources, Bookkeeping, Order Processing, Customer Service, Operations Management, Financial Reports, etc. The good thing is, even if you don‘t know how to build software, you could hire a freelancer to do it for you!

Niche Ideas

 Financial records
 HR records

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

Business management tools such as this would work everywhere in Africa.

Action & Tips

 Talk to small business owners to find out how they are managing their business. A great source of information is bank loan managers and investors who are turning business away because of poor management. Find out why, and you can then figure out what management systems are missing.

Success Story

Titus Mawano, fFene (Uganda) In 2012, Titus Mawano abandoned his studies (in aeronautical engineering) in the United States to pursue his burning business idea: to develop software that would solve everyday problems for businesses. His brainchild,, is a software program that helps small businesses keep track of their finances through proper accounting, improve inventory monitoring and manage their customers.

This simple business management software now serves over 600 companies in Uganda, with plans to expand regionally. Needless to say, Titus did not return to the US and never looked back! Borrowing from Titus‟ idea, you could focus on building software that solves problems for a specific industry like real estate, hospitals and clinics, government departments, farmers, small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses and several others. The possibilities in this space are both untouched and endless!

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