12 small business ideas for teenagers

1.Stock/Forex Trading

You can take basic trading of stock market or Forex and start this business from home. You need to open a trading account with a sub-broker and start buying & selling stocks through intraday trading. It’s very interesting to make a profit in the stock market even if the stock prices fall.

2- Insurance Agent

Life Insurance Corporation of India as well as other state-owned insurers, private companies look for agents to sell their insurance policies. With minimum investment, a good computer, and a two-wheeler, you can enter this business idea that fetches attractive commissions.

3- Papad & sago fritters

You can think of this business idea even with an investment of less than Rs. 10,000. However, to earn substantial profits, you will have to launch such a business on a slightly bigger scale. Meaning, you will require helpers to knead the papad dough or boil the mixture for sago fritters to the right consistency. The best part of this business is, you can launch your own unique flavors and tastes of papad and sago fritters, that are rare or unavailable in the market.

4- Mail sorting business idea

Companies with shares listed on the stock market, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions send bulk mail. Under existing laws of the land, they have to send mail containing cheques for dividends, notices and other important documents only through India Post. However, India Post makes it mandatory for bulk mailers to sort mail according to Postal Index Numbers and deliver them to a specified post office in separate bags.

5- Idea to start a cooking class

With a modest investment of about Rs 25,000 you can open a cooking class from your home. The main cost involved in this business is cooking equipment and food ingredients. Further, you should also possess great culinary skills before venturing into this business idea.

6- Computerized horoscopes

In a land rife with superstition, people rely on horoscopes for various reasons- to “know” their future, matrimony, wealth prospects and motley others. Equipped with a good computer, appropriate software, printer and customized paper, you can offer computerized horoscopes from your home.

7- Coaching classes

Great home-based business ideas for professionals in engineering, medicine, law and other specialized fields as well as school teachers and lecturers planning to earn extra income or make a full time profession. Investment here is about Rs. 25,000 which you will spend on stuff such as foldable chairs and tables for students.

8- Business idea to open a stationery supply

Businesses, schools and other establishments require customized stationery that bears their corporate identity and logo. This includes letter-heads, envelopes, invoice books, receipt books and other assorted stuff. With a small investment of Rs. 25,000, you can try this evergreen venture.

9- Herbal body & skincare products

We all have fair ideas about what herbs and oils are great for body and skincare. Get hold of some traditional, time-tested and proven recipes for herbal skincare lotions, facial scrubs, shampoo and other related stuff to embark on this business that requires a minimum investment of about Rs. 25,000.

10- Plumbing services

You need not be a plumber for this business idea. All you need to do is invest in plumbing tools and equipment while hiring skilled workers to execute works. Generally, most plumbing work is maintenance and repair of old water lines, taps and other fittings. You will have to pay for these fittings before billing the customer.

11- Electrical maintenance

Invest in the necessary tools and equipment and hire skilled electricians to work for you, whenever needed. This business involves maintenance of electrical connections to a home, office or building. Annual maintenance contracts are available if you provide high quality work.

12- Circulating library

Great home-based business idea if you are a bookworm and love to read. Buy the most popular books in the scrap market and rent them out to subscribers. You can invest just about Rs 25,000 in this business. Income is from monthly subscriptions and fees collected for lending the book for one or more days.

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