10 businesses to start from home with low capital

1-Meal delivery (Tiffin services) idea

You can easily cash-in on the growing trend of individuals and families to outsource their daily meals from someone who offers the meal delivery service, commonly called, ‘Tiffin service’ in India. Your main investment for this business idea will be for cooking utensils, foodstuff, packaging material or steel meal boxes and a bicycle or two wheeler for delivery.

2- Exotic bathing soap

The main investment for manufacturing exotic bathing soaps is for raw material, molds and specialized vessels to boil the mixtures. Handmade exotic bathing soaps sell for premium at all stores and especially at beauty parlors and fashion boutiques.

3- Incense sticks

Indubitably, southern India, especially the state of Karnataka, dominates the world market as the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality incense sticks or ‘agarbatti.’ Regardless, you can launch a incense stick manufacturing business with investment of about Rs.50,000. Hand-rolled incense sticks are in demand and hence, your main expense will be on labor. You can similar small scale manufacturing business ideas here.

4- Fresh vegetable juices

This is a vastly unexplored business idea in India. Health conscious Indians are switching to fresh vegetable juices made from cucumber, carrot, beetroot, celery, parsley, cilantro, capsicum, broccoli and others. This business idea generally works on made-to-order and home delivery basis.

5- Health drinks

Yet another trending business idea that you can open for as low as Rs.50,000. Making juices from herbs, leaves, roots and fruits that are known for curative and medicinal effects. These juices sell at gyms, spas, jogger parks and other public recreational areas. However, you need to serve them fresh.

6- Air-conditioner and refrigerator maintenance

The only investment you require in this business is for equipment required to maintain and repair air conditioners and refrigerators. You will need to rope in services of qualified air conditioner and refrigeration mechanics who can be paid on work basis only.

7- Crèche business idea

Setting up a crèche or baby-sitting service is fairly easy but requires adept skills in handling infants and toddlers. Your investment of about Rs.50,000 will suffice to buy playpens, toys and other stuff as well as enlist services of a maid.

8- Ghee, cottage butter and paneer

Ghee, cottage butter and paneer are integral parts of the Indian diet. You can start a small business by making these food products at home, with some basic skills and equipment. They can be marketed directly or through stores.

9- The business idea of preparing Idli & dosa batters

The two south Indian staple foods are now consumed across India. However, few can prepare the mixture of ground grains and cereals to make great tasting idli and dosa. Equipped with a high powered blender, packing material and equipment, you can enter the business of selling readymade idli and dosa batter with an investment of Rs. 50,000 only.

10- Furniture repairs

A furniture repair business too is fairly easy to set up. Your main investment will be on equipment, varnishes and other essentials for the trade. Hiring skilled craftsmen for repairing furniture will help you embark on this venture.

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