Top 10 business ideas for felons

Finding a job after being convicted of a felony can be daunting, especially if you don’t have much experience or education. However, there are many business opportunities available to felons that allow them to become entrepreneurs and create their own success.

Here is a list of the top 10 business ideas for felons:

1) Cleaning Services – Starting your own cleaning service is one of the most popular businesses for felons as it requires minimal start-up costs and no special skills or certifications. You can offer services such as residential home cleaning, commercial office cleaning or even janitorial services in larger buildings.

2) Auto Repair Shop – If you have prior experience working on cars, opening an auto repair shop could be an excellent option for starting your own business as a felon. While it will require more money upfront than some other businesses on this list, there is potential to make substantial profits from running an auto repair shop with loyal customers who come back time and again when they need repairs done quickly and affordably!

3) Handyman Services – Being able to do basic handyman tasks around the house like plumbing repairs, painting walls, fixing broken appliances etc., makes this another great option for those looking into starting their own small business. It might not bring in huge amounts of money but if marketed correctly, it has potential to generate steady income over time. Plus, having knowledge about different kinds fixes means that people won’t hesitate hiring you!

4 ) Landscaping & Lawn Care Business – With summer coming up soon enough ( hopefully ), now’s the perfect opportunity get started with landscaping & lawn care service! This type work doesn’t require too much start-up capital either since all necessary equipment can usually rented rather than purchased outright. Plus once word gets out about quality work at reasonable prices then clients should start rolling in no time!

5 ) Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Service – People love animals so why not take advantage by offering pet sitting / dog walking services? All types pets need someone look after them while owners away whether its just during day while they’re working long hours at night which gives plenty room grow within industry itself plus its incredibly rewarding feeling knowing that taking good care these animals making sure nothing bad happens them either way!

6 ) Online Tutoring Business – The internet provides plenty opportunities teach others virtually anything under sun from math science language arts music art history etc.. As long tutor has adequate qualifications teaching subject.

Other small business ideas for felons

  1. Lawn care or landscaping services
  2. Handyman services
  3. Home cleaning or maid services
  4. Pet sitting or dog walking services
  5. Personal chef or catering services
  6. Freelance writing or editing
  7. Car detailing
  8. Online tutoring or education services
  9. Painting or artistic services
  10. Personal training or fitness coaching

It’s important to note that the feasibility of starting and running a successful business may vary depending on individual circumstances, including the nature of the conviction and any legal restrictions that may be in place. It may also be helpful to seek guidance from a lawyer or other professional to ensure compliance with any relevant laws and regulations.

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