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Habeeb Okikiola also known as Portable or Dr. Zeh, he is born on the 12th of March 1994. He is a Nigerian singer, street hip-hop rapper, songwriter and is popular for his debut famous single “Zazoo Zehh” featuring YBNL Boss Olamide and Poco lee.

Portable has been a fan of the street meaning he always related with people on the street that is why his song has been a hit starting from zazoo zehh which went viral and a lot of people loved the song especially people that are working and hustling on the street. Habeeb okikiola is reported to be an internet sensation because of the slangs that he uses online like “wahala”.

Portable Net Worth

Portable net worth in dollars is $400,000 in naira is [ 280,000,000] he made his money from various businesses, investments and even endorsement that he gets from different companies .

one of his major endorsements is from Odogwu bitters a company owned by a Nigerian business mogul Obi Cubana. He even has a bar at his house in ogun state called Odogwu bitters. Portable became famous when he sang a song called “zazuu zehh” which brought him to limelight 2020/2021.

The song resonated with the people on the street hustling and it made the elite group question his ability to compete at international levels. Although, he was termed to be a local champion he has proved that even someone from Ogun state could still become successful in the music industry.

Portable known as Habeeb Okikiola is from Ogun state Nigeria. He strongly believes one can become success even in a local area. He has been living at Ogun state where he grew up. He has ventured into businesses in that same state that made him a lot of money which make up his net worth. Net worth is not always accurate they are just an estimate of what someone is worth including the cash flow, assets that generates money, investment, companies etc. all portable net worth you see online are not accurate. They are just the average estimate of what he has.

Above all things portable was asked by Timi Agbade a popular interviewer what he want to achieve in the music industry that will make him fulfilled in life he answered that he will want to win the Grammy award as the best artist in the whole of Africa. The interview caused no small stir online because people believed he was joking but further statement made it clear that the musician portable was not joking he was actually serious about the statement he made.

To show how much he loved his community the interviewer could not invite the artist to come over he had to go to Ogun state to interview him. One of the statements that he made was that whether or not he leaves where he resides, he will still be successful. He further said that the location you are is not a requirement for success. This is one of the best mindsets ever.

Portable record label is called “zeh nation”. His genre of music is the popular afrobeat. Portable mentioned that he became famous through several means; one of the ways he became famous is through the internet. The people that love him and those that dislike him contributed to his success and fame which is why the online world is a weird place to live in. portable over the years was underestimated because of his nonchalant and unruly attitude on the stage.

Every time portable does something there are people that will hail him and some other people will troll him but this has contributed to his massive following on all social media platforms. On Instagram alone portable has over 1.6 million followers and he also has solid engagement; this is to show that these followers are real and not followers that are bought.

One thing to learn from him is that he said that when people dislike you, they will show it in your post by leaving a comment on your post whether or not the comment his positive it will definitely make the post gain traction and do well on all social media platforms. This has been a strategy many people have used to rise to fame and portable is one of them. It is just like making your content go viral by using controversy.

Portable is a 28 years old musician and he made a lot of money by leveraging the online world using viral videos to amass a lot of followers.

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