How To Start Fertilizer And Crop Chemical Production Business

Agricultural inputs – You can make money by meeting the needs of farmers.

So we have heard that the agricultural sector will be among the two fastest growing sectors on the continent. But that outlook needs to be maintained! Agricultural inputs include everything such as fertilizers and crop chemicals (pesticides, fungicides and herbicides) that are used to support crop and animal production.

These inputs (like fertilizers) help to increase production, while chemicals protect the produced food from spoilage and infestation. With the current and expected growth in both livestock and crop production across Africa, the demand for these critical inputs is also expected to increase.

There is also a growing demand for cleaner and less dangerous substances (in fertilizers and crop chemicals) which could currently cause harm to people and the environment. In this line, there is a growing preference for eco-friendly fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides which do not poison the cultivated food or the surrounding land and water resources.

Business Concept

To exploit opportunities in the African agricultural inputs market, you should seek out partnerships with existing manufacturers of these inputs outside Africa for import possibilities. There is also an available opportunity for you to produce organic fertilizers and crop chemicals locally.

Niche Idea

Nowadays, any product with an organic‘ angle to it is bound to gain attention and patronage. Look out for opportunities in organic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides etc.

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

Agricultural inputs are in great demand across Africa. However, certain products (like fertilizers and chemicals) may require a government license or permit. This will differ from one country to another and you should take the time to find out what applies in the country you‘re operating in.

Action & Tips

To understand fertilizer, crop intensification, and pest control it would help to speak to local agricultural farms, horticulturists, farmers, and associations to determine their challenges and needs. This will help you identify the exact inputs to supply to them.

There are also ample resources on agricultural input habits and needs across Africa available online – study them well.

Network and possibly partner with related agricultural associations locally.

We thought we should really make you aware of a few special and high-profile agricultural products that have huge economic potential in the African and global markets. These products are so significant on the global market that they have earned Africa significant foreign exchange revenues and will continue to do so.

One would assume that Africa‘s industries are pretty advanced in the production of these products, but you will quickly learn in the following chapters that this is not the case. In fact, most of these sectors are pretty underdeveloped! This is a real shame for Africa and those countries that are perfect for the advancement of these greatly sought-after products, but it‘s good news for you, because tapping into this market has huge potential locally, regionally…. and yes, absolutely: globally!

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