How To Start Children’s Clothing Brand In Africa

When we met with celebrated entrepreneur Christine Khasinah-Odero, the founder of in Nairobi, she told us that the baby market has a huge opportunity and hardly anyone has stepped into it yet. Could that be the right market for you?

The children‘s clothing market is indeed one of the most lucrative segments of the global apparel industry and the value of this market is expected to reach $160 billion by the year 2024.

Because babies grow fast over a short period, there is a frequent need to buy new clothing to replace outgrown ones and this is a key reason for the huge volumes of children‘s wear purchased by parents every year. Fast-changing fashion trends and every parent‘s desire to buy the best for their children are also strong forces behind the high demand for children‘s clothing.

The options available in Africa‘s baby wear market are extensive – ranging from luxury designer brands (targeted at upper-income families) to used baby clothing imported from abroad (especially Europe and North America) and sold in second-hand clothing markets across Africa‘s urban areas. In fact, used baby clothing is now a multi-billion dollar commodity due to its high demand in many parts of Africa. Many Africans parents prefer these used clothes because of their high quality and low cost.

But you know what is really missing: Good African clothing brands for children! There is a huge opportunity for African home-grown baby clothing brands that will, over time, reduce dependence on and compete with imported baby clothing lines which currently dominate the market. In fact, quite a few are already coming up in different parts of the continent and now is the best time to join them, while this production segment in Africa is still in its… well, infancy stages, really.

Business Concept

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop your own African kids‘ clothing line. You could sell your clothing lines to other stores and also online. Run regular fashion shows for children to increase visibility and stand out in your local market!

Niche Ideas

Baby clothing

School uniforms for primary and secondary schools.

Children‘s costumes


Top Countries & Policy Guidance

This business concept would be successful in all vibrant capital cities across Africa, but the competition you will encounter may vary widely. Keep that in mind.

Success Story

Adenike Ogunlesi – Ruff n’Tumble (Nigeria)

Adenike Ogunlesi started making children‟s clothing when her kids ran out of pajamas. And then she started making clothes for the children of friends and relatives. That‟s how Ruff n‟ Tumble started. From a tiny shop with her and her mother as the main staff, Adenike turned Ruff ‘n’ Tumble into an instantly recognizable brand. Today, she has built a reputation for being one of the leading and best manufacturers of children’s clothing in Nigeria and along the entire West African coast.

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