How To Start Beauty Salon And Barber Shop Business

Apart from boosting self-esteem, good grooming has become a social standard. Nobody appreciates a person who shows up with unkempt hair at work, school or social gatherings, right? More people are catching up with the fact that looking good is good for business.

Most African urban men tend to have a regular haircut and ensure their facial hair (beard and moustache) is well shaven or neatly trimmed. On the other hand, women demand a wider range of services than men. This includes everything from basic hairdressing and weaving to fixing wigs and artificial hair extensions. Other services include manicure, pedicure and professional makeup services.

There is a story of an Ethiopian woman who has set up her spa beauty salon in the center of Nairobi. We couldn‘t find out her name, but were told by locals that she was offering Botox and treatments with unusual herbs – apparently her clients are women in high-end cars, among them some celebrities. Well, this is not some kind of case study in the public domain, but it sounds like a pretty good approach to business in an African city where women are ready to spend an awful lot of money to stand out.

Business Concept

Traditionally, you will find beauty salons and barber shops across Africa‘s cities and most of them run as small businesses. This is not what we are talking about. We want you to build a striving success story and as such your business concept needs to be unique.

You could offer beauty treatments in a spa atmosphere for Africa‘s upper class, or aim towards setting up a chain of well-branded salons that stand out from everything else there is in the country so far. Offer beauty treatments that are available in the West, but almost unheard of in Africa – be assured you will find clients who are happy to spend.

Niche Ideas

Spa and wellness

Massage sessions

Beauty school and training courses

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

The beauty salon business is most profitable in capital cities of the continent‘s fast-growing economies, where you can find a strong upper-middle class and upper class who have the spending power to indulge in exclusive beauty services and treatments. This includes Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Angola.

Action & Tips

Do some basic research to get a look and feel of the beauty salon market in the country of your choice. Visit in person or have a look at the websites of the top shops and study what they offer in the market. If you can, book a treatment for yourself to experience first-hand how your competition provides services. Figure out how you can enter the market with your own unique concept.

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