How To Start A Personal Development Business

Many of the vital skills required to succeed in life and work are generally not taught in African schools. There is a growing interest and demand from individuals and businesses for non-technical and soft‘ skills training for employees. The most common subjects covered in this type of training include Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Team Building, Communication, Presentation and Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills, Career Management, Stress Management and Time Management, just to mention a few.

There is now a growing number of training units that are exploiting the opportunities in this interesting niche. These businesses cater to personal development training needs through conferences, seminars, workshops and retreats. At these events, Subject Matter Experts and speakers in different personal development areas provide training and motivation to participants who are mostly individuals and employees of private and public organizations. The pricing for these events varies depending on the size, profile of invited speakers and the type of participants expected (corporate or individual).

Business Concept

Sure, you can build a traditional training center, but – if you have the experience, talent, and vision – this is a really a niche which you can build successfully by doing things in a unique way through retreats and energy-packed seminars. You can add visibility and win more followers through an engaging online blog or membership site. You can also produce audios, DVDs, and e-books to sell to add to your revenue stream.

Products such as audios and e-books are a great source of passive income. That means you produce them once and they continue to sell through an automated online system while you are asleep or travelling. This is called ‗passive income.‘ A great business concept, but you need to create the right content and build up momentum for your products as a personal development coach. Surf the web to learn how to do this!

Niche Ideas

 Business success & entrepreneurial mindset
 Boost-Your-Confidence Programs
 How to lead happier relationships
 Healthy mind, body, and soul
 Women‘s empowerment programs
 Training for youths and fresh school graduates to empower them with employability skills.

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

The whole commercialized idea of personal development as we present it here is really a Western model that is currently fast growing in popularity. In fact, it‘s a billion-dollar industry and one that has not really penetrated the shores of Africa. It may best work in countries where the middle and upper classes are following a Westernized lifestyle and where they have enough money to invest in their own development and personal growth. We recommend Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Ethiopia may be another country where this could work in the local language, Amharic.

Action & Tips

 The absolute top tip we can give you is: Follow the advice and working methods of top personal development coaches, the likes of

Tony Robins, Les Brown, and Brendon Burchard, among many others. Most of them started with very humble beginnings and now they share their advice and wisdom with millions.

People like Brendon Burchard even provide insights on how they got there and which steps they had to take. A young Afro-American lady who left her job in 2010 to become a personal development coach, and who has worked her way up from scratch, is Rosetta Thurman with her Happy Black Women Community. Follow these wonderful role models online, watch them, and learn as much as you possibly can about the methods they used to grow their businesses. Now translate that into Africa, where such role models rarely exist. Become that role model.

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