Learning how to start a music school is the ideal way to combine your love of music with the joy of teaching others. Adults and children alike love music and many are interested in learning more about it. Whether it is learning to play an instrument, taking voice lessons, or studying music theory, music is a widely sought after subject of study.

Now a days when technologies are improving day by day musician also get an opportunity to turn their artistic talent into a profitable business with modern technology. Through YouTube , Skype and many other social media they can show their talent to all over the world. Many of us think its impossible as we don’t have that much time and money to spend on it. But by online music classes we are able to teach an individual who is far from us. Take an in-depth look at the tools and emerging technologies artists can use to generate interest in their music, acquire new fans, and sell their music online.


If you have a passion for music, as well as a talent for business, consider making a living doing what you love by establishing a music school. You can target young pupils, adults or both, and can decide to teach specific instruments, music theory and/or vocal performance.

Here is some steps to set- up music class through Skype:

1. Set Up Your Teaching Business: A successful music school business must be planned in detail from the start. Financial and logistical decisions have to be made. Before starting your own music class online you need to go through with its details and outlines what you need to have in place before you take the next step of launching yourself worldwide as an internet teacher.

2. Install Skype and Other Software Programmes You May Need: Installing Skype is a very easy thing to do.

Go to and simply follow the instructions for download on your computer.

If decided to make use of some other programs to give value for money and help in self assess.

These are:

● Ecamm recorder, available at This software isn’t expensive but it enables you to record both sides of the Skype conversation on video or just voice call. You can edit the recording as well.

● Send a copy of the lesson to the student so they can review it if they want to. Also, it would be a good way to assess own teaching. But please make sure your student is aware that this process is in place and give them the option to refuse recording.

● As a teacher, singer, you have to think about the delay live accompaniment may cause, so send your students backing tracks they can sing to that are in their key as well. This means you need to have a recording facility, which can produce tracks that will convert into downloadable MP3 format as they will be sent to the student via email prior to the lesson.

● Your student needs to have the facility to open these files and play them back or record them onto disk as well.

3. You will need to be able to receive payment for the lessons you give:

The simple way to do this is with Paypal.

On their website, they have some different options for merchant services.

I chose the easiest, quickest and least complicated one, which was to email requests for payment.

Students can pay by direct deposit or credit cards when using this service and I request that payment is made prior to the lesson.

If you decide you would like to advertise your services on other websites and blogs, you could think about setting up a Clickbank account at .

This is an affiliate program market place which means that people will advertise and sell your product (your lessons) for a percentage of each sale.

Clickbank manages the funds for you, the affiliate marketers and your students. It is a more complex way of doing things but something you may wish to consider.

4. Set Up Your Teaching Studio:

In just a few seconds of meeting people or walking into a room, we make value judgements, therefore, it is important that your studio looks professional and tidy (as well as yourself) when you are teaching.

You need to take into consideration the view that your student is getting, so make sure your camera is angled and adjusted to give the clearest picture for demonstration and also make sure you have good lighting in your studio.

I rearranged my studio to suit Skype teaching and it has actually turned out to be much better for all my teaching and learning needs now.

5. Teach Your Lesson: discovered that teaching online requires creative thinking and some different approaches to normal lesson delivery because of some restrictions caused by the technology.

○ Skype is unable to transfer simultaneous audio

○ When there is audio coming from both parties, Skype is unable to transfer both signals clearly at the same time, which means each of you experience cutting out. Such a shame!!!

○ However, here are some suggestions for combating this problem:

1. Email accompaniment tracks

2. You will have to make sure your student then burns these tracks onto a CD and plays them from a source outside the computer.

3. This is because the tracks tend to be too loud when they are coming from the computer onto Skype and you can’t hear your student clearly enough.

4. Consider different teaching strategies

5. There are many strategies you can employ in your teaching so you don’t have to use play-along or accompaniment. You can focus more on technical aspects, mentoring and sound production and get students to demonstrate their work in home recordings or play-along in subsequent lessons, when they are playing with a backing track.

○ Introduction and check student set-up

Skype meeting with your student before you teach your first lesson with them. This will:

1. Help your student feel more comfortable

2. Many people are shy and especially first-time students. Introducing yourself to them on Skype will help break the ice so that your first lesson will run more smoothly.

3. Check the student’s set-up

4. You will need to check that your student has set up Skype correctly and everything is in working order.

5. You both need to direct each other so that the camera is positioned to get a clear picture on both sides, and also make sure the student has received any resources you want them to use.

6. If you are using written resources, they too will have to be sent to the student as when you hold up writing to the camera, it has a mirror effect. It’s hard enough to begin reading music, let alone backwards!

Free Online Music Courses

These free music courses require no tuition payments or registration. In order to take full advantage of the courses, users may need specific software applications to access video and audio offerings. Quality speakers or headphones may be beneficial when listening to music clips and samples.

Annenberg Learner
● Exploring the World of Music

This 12-video instructional series in Exploring the World of Music is appropriate for high school through adult students, as well as teachers. By watching half-hour videos, students examine topics like sound and environment, learning music, melody, harmony and music memory, as well as music composers and technology. Related print and audio/video media are also available for a fee.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
● Learn to Sing

Voice students learn the importance of posture, breathing, warming up, clear enunciation/articulation and frequent practice while investigating the videos on the Learn to Singsite. Learners may also access a 6-video tutorial for breathing exercises and fine-tuning strategies. The lessons include exercises and demonstrational videos.

Children’s Music Workshop
● Online Music Theory Game

The Online Music Theory Game offers aspiring musicians a variety of lessons and trainers on multiple instruments. The lessons examine sheet music and provide video instructions in areas such as note duration, major and minor scales, key signatures and meter.



You can become an international teacher and expand your student base. You can teach at odd hours if you want to. You can become a trail-blazer in a field which will, no doubt, become more popular in future.
You will have to organise and think about your teaching practice in a different way to cater to this format. It may be a little more work and be a little uncomfortable to begin with.

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