How to start a Christmas tree making business

Christmas trees and star making are big business, selling Christmas trees and star can provide some welcome income at a time when other business can be slow. You could either think of selling Christmas trees as a good way to make a bit of extra spending money at Christmas time, or as an important part of your annual income. And as well as being profitable, selling Christmas trees can also be a fun, sociable and interesting way to make money.

How much money can I make selling Christmas trees?
How much money you can make selling Christmas trees will depend a number of factors including the size of your local market, whether you sell only online or also at a retail site, whether you have trees left over at the end of the trading period and whether you have any staff costs. When you run a Local Christmas Tree Company franchise, we will help you to reduce your costs and increase your margins, helping you to ensure that your business is as successful and profitable as possible.

Is selling Christmas trees hard work?
Selling Christmas trees entails a lot of intensive activity squeezed into a short period of time – the main trading activity takes place over a three-week period from late November. Running a Christmas tree business requires a range of skills as it requires both administration and management skills to physical work selling and delivering Christmas trees.

Business planning
The Local Christmas Tree Company will work with you to prepare a bespoke business plan, using your knowledge of the local area combined with our specialist knowledge of Christmas tree retailing. Together, we’ll agree a shared business plan that will be the basis of your business’s operation, covering the anticipated volume of sales, routes to market, marketing strategies and management of risks.

Brand and marketing materials
The Local Christmas Tree Company will provide your business with an attractive brand, logo and visual identity, in keeping with the overarching Local Christmas Tree Company brand but specific to your local business.

We will also provide a full suite of branded marketing materials carrying the identity of your business, including flyers for direct distribution, display posters, press adverts and stationery. We will even provide email templates for your marketing purposes.

Christmas tree storage
You will need to provide a secure location to store your Christmas trees. The size of your storage space will depend on how many trees you sell and how many you hold at any one time. It may be your own garden but it could be space hired from a local farm. You’ll need easy access to your storage site to load up for delivery.

Making a Star Lantern

What you’ll need
● Basswood strips

● Scissors

● Small rubber bands

● Tacky glue

● Colored tissue paper

● Embroidery floss

● Battery-operated tea light

How to make it

Make 2 five-pointed star shapes from the 12-inch strips. Secure them by wrapping rubber bands around the points.

Stack the two stars. Connect them at the points by wrapping the rubber bands around the ends.

Complete the frame by adding 1 1/2-inch posts between the stars at each of the five interior points. Use dots of glue to secure them.

For the tea light shelf, place two 4 1/2-inch strips inside the star so that they span two of the posts, and glue them in place. Using your star as a rough template, cut triangles of tissue paper that are a bit larger than the spaces in your parol. You’ll need 10 triangles for the sides, 10 for the front and back of the points, and one pentagonal piece for the center. Glue the side pieces first, then the front and back triangles. Finish with the center pentagon.

For each tassel, cut and stack 30 foot-long, 1/2-inch wide strips of tissue paper, then tie embroidery floss around the middle. Fold the stack in half and glue a K-inch strip of paper around the tassel near the fold. Tie each tassel to a point of the parol. Tie a loop to the top point for hanging, and put the tea light in place.

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