How To Start A Chicken And Quail Farming Business

Chicken and Quail farming are growing sectors

Who does not love a piece of chicken? Since 2000, chicken consumption has skyrocketed across the continent by more than 55 percent to around 92 million tons in 2012. Although countries like South Africa consume more chicken per capita than others, the growth trend is very clear. At the moment, local production of chicken and eggs cannot meet the rapidly growing demand. As a result, Africa has become a net importer of poultry products (especially chicken and turkey).

As you would suspect, the demand for hens‘ eggs across Africa has grown with the demand for chicken meat. Despite having up to 15 percent of the world‘s population, Africa only contributes about 4 percent8 of global egg production. There remains a huge gap in the demand and supply of eggs on the continent, and entrepreneurs who work to fill this gap are likely to reap huge rewards.
The viable opportunities in poultry are in chickens, quail, turkeys, and ostriches. Quail farming is a growing trend in some countries.

Business Concept

This is a straightforward business concept: As soon as you have decided which market to target, you should get the license (but be aware that in some countries quail are considered wildlife. In Kenya for example, you need to get a permit from the Kenya Wildlife Service). A brooder lamp should be part of your inventory, so you can get one-day-old chicks, which usually cost less than a dollar each.
If you plan to target high-end consumers, retailers, restaurants, and hotels consider a niche such as quail or turkey farming.

Niche Ideas

Produce one-day-old chicks or quail chicks to sell to new farms

Produce your own brand of chicken nuggets (frozen) on your farm

Quail farming

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

Poultry farming is a business that can be done successfully across Africa due to a fast-rising demand for poultry meat and eggs. In Angola, for example, the deficit in poultry is so great that the country imports millions of eggs each year, struggling with a high level of rotten eggs on the market due to a long import process. In 2014, the Angolan government called for farmers and investors to start poultry businesses in the country. If you are flexible about where in Africa to start your poultry business, look out for countries that have very clear shortage challenges in poultry products.

Action & Tips

Visit some existing poultry farms in your country of choice to find out more about the opportunities and challenges from the people right at the heart of the sector.

Most countries have a Poultry Farmers‘ Association or a Poultry Breeders‘ Association. Visit their offices or give them a call to find out more about the business.

Quail farming is a growing trend in some African countries (for example in Kenya). Consider producing quails or turkeys in growth countries where these animals are not widely consumed; you may find a new niche market in this regard.

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