How to get your business featured on

Are you a business owner looking to get your company featured on It’s a great way to increase visibility and reach potential customers, but it can be difficult to know how exactly how to go about it. Here are some tips for getting your business featured on

1) Make sure you have an interesting story or angle that will resonate with the audience of Entrepreneur readers – this is key! Think about what makes your product or service unique and why people should care enough to read more about it in an article on the site.

2) Reach out directly via email – contact their editorial team via email (editorial@entrepreneur dot com), explaining who you are, what kind of product/service you offer, and why they should feature it in one of their articles or videos. Include any relevant links as well as media assets (images/videos). Be sure that all information provided is accurate so that if they decide to write something up based on the info given by yourself, there won’t be any issues down the line due to misinformation being published online under your name/brand name, etc..

3) Leverage social media – use Twitter & LinkedIn profiles associated with both yourself & company account(s). Use these platforms strategically; share content related specifically towards entrepreneurs such as success stories from other businesses similar size to yours which could potentially help give inspiration for others looking into starting up their own venture also! This helps build credibility while establishing relationships between interested parties through networking opportunities alongside building awareness around products/services offered by oneself’s company at hand during the process too 🙂

4) Participate in events where members from the entrepreneurial community gather together such as conferences / meetups hosted locally within the area- this gives the opportunity to network face-to-face instead just relying solely upon digital presence alone when trying to make connections happen naturally over time without feeling rushed either way 😉

5) Utilize SEO tactics – optimize website content accordingly using keywords targeted towards a specific type of reader base found amongst entrepreneur demographic groupings including long tail phrases often searched after related topics discussed throughout blog posts written regularly updated across various channels available online today I’m speaking primarily Google+ here folks, however, don’t forget Facebook + YouTube still remain two most popular sites used daily basis worldwide so definitely take advantage those tools whenever possible especially since algorithms employed favor organic search results generated organically rather than artificially created ones anyways right now let’s move onto next point, shall we?

Let us help get your business featured on

Entrepreneur Magazine gets 86 million page views and 14 million unique visitors every month. These visitors include entrepreneurs, researchers, curious readers, and, most importantly, investors.

I will help bring your business’s stories to the faces of these readers in just 20 days. I will subtly promote your services, discuss your market position, and the future of your company.

With 8 editions read in 100+ countries and 4 languages, you can bring your business’s story to the face of audiences that matter.

Let them know you more. Let me help take your business live on Entrepreneur Magazine.

What’s included

  • Delivery Time – 28 days
  • Number of Revisions . 2
  • Number of Words – 1,000
  • Number of Focus Words- 4
  • Topic Research
  • References & Citations
  • Data Chart

Price: $995

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