How To A Business Of Recruiting For A Certain Niche Or Sector

It is a well-known fact that Africa has many more able workers than job positions, and this will probably remain one of the continent‘s main challenges, but there are still shortages when it comes to filling specific employment posts. The current economic growth spurt, which has led to increased investment in various sectors and a fast technological expansion, now requires a well-trained and specialized workforce.
But there is more to it: According to PwC‘s report. The Africa Business Agenda‘ (2014), over 50 percent of African companies are planning to build international partnerships, and that means they have to meet a certain standard. The problem is, however, that Africa notoriously lacks mid- and senior-level management staff.

Foreign investors, in particular private equity firms operating in Africa, face a daily challenge of finding general partners who are able to adequately manage new projects locally. The lack of able managers is currently such a great handicap in driving investments forward that many equity firms have started to train local staff themselves. Now, this is where you can come in, because African companies are hiring! Botswana, for example, is striving to become a regional banking capital and is calling for qualified Diaspora Africans to come forward to fill job positions in the financial sector.

To establish a recruitment and headhunting company that places experts into vacant top positions in the financial, managerial, medical, ICT, or mineral exploration sectors, for example, will fill a clear market gap. As a headhunter or recruiter for senior management staff you can get 10 percent of very competitive annual salaries for each placement you make. And all that with hardly any expenditure for your business!
You could also build online job portals for a particular country or industry sector across Africa.

Jobberman, for example, has become Nigeria‘s leading job site, and although it does not serve a niche but targets a great range of sectors it may help to have a look at their online portal.

In 2009, three ambitious university students decided to take on Nigeria‘s disorganized job market by providing an easy way to match unemployed people with their dream jobs. Today, is providing millions of people with the opportunity to find employment, with a few thousand jobs being advertised each week.

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