Frase Review: An Unbiased Deep Dive From A Freelance Content Marketer

Content and SEO professionals use Frase to research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours. It lets businesses create content briefs, generate competitive content comparisons, conduct analysis, and more on a centralized platform.

Frase Review & Product Details

AI writing assistants like Jasper can really help you pump out a lot of content in a concise span of time.

SEO content tools like Surfer SEO will help you figure out what headlines and keywords to use in an article.

So what if you mixed them together? 

That’s the answer Frase tried to answer.

If you want that answer, keep reading our Frase review.

What Is Frase?

Frase Review: An Unbiased Deep Dive From A Freelance Content Marketer

Frase is a content writing assistant.

Frase helps you create better SEO content, faster. Over 200,000 content creators, SEOs, and agencies use Frase to research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.

It can help you save precious editorial time in a few ways:

  1. By researching topics
  2. By generating content outlines
  3. By using AI to write content

Frase can, as such, save you the time you’d spend researching search intent, preparing an article draft, and even writing sections of your article.

But how good is it?

Can it actually save you time?

I think so, yes.

At least as far as generating content outlines is concerned. That feature is beneficial and accurate with its suggestions.

However, things get a bit more complicated with AI content generation, and all the other bells and whistles Frase has.

So if you want to know whether or not Frase will be worth it for you, keep reading our review.

Watch the 2-min explainer video below:

Frase Review – How Does Frase Work? A Quick Tour

You can’t try Frase for free, so unfortunately you’ll need to purchase one of their subscription plans to get started with the tool.

If you do, you will be met with a short guide helping you get started with Frase:

Frase Getting Started Guide

This is the main dashboard of the software:

Frase Main Dashboard

On the left, you can open documents:

Frase Documents

This is by far the crowning jewel of Frase, as it helps you figure out what other articles are doing for your target search query.

Frase SERP Overview

As well as an idea of what people want to read about:

Frase Headings

And what questions people have about the topic:

Frase Questions

This is the core of Frase, and it’s a great feature if you want to find article ideas quicker, and sort out an article’s structure faster.

Beyond research and optimization, you can also use Frase to generate AI content:

Frase AI Write

But how good is this output?

It’s not too good. Here’s an example of how Frase generated content for one of our dog food articles:

Frase Intro Content

AI writing in general is pretty bad with dog food articles because it’s a small niche, so tools can’t research it properly.

But even compared to other tools like Jasper or Rytr, Frase io performed a bit worse.

And all of this is for a pretty high price point. The cheapest you can get Frase io for is $44/month, more than both Copy AI and Rytr. But to get all SEO features, you’ll pay $80/month.

So Frase may be a bit lacking when it comes to content generation.

But that doesn’t mean it’s useless. So let’s analyze its features more in-depth, to see what it gets right, and what could be improved.

Frase Review – Frase Features

Frase may seem like it’s light in features.

But there is a lot more in its toolset than you’d expect. Each core feature, like the research tab, has its own subset of features.

These are usually quality-of-life tools, but they’re extremely helpful nonetheless:

Frase Quality of Tool

So keep this in mind while we analyze Frase’s toolset.

Documents, Research, And Questions

Frase’s main tool, which helps sell the software, is its research tool.

To access it, you’ll need to create a new document. Fill in your keyword, then, click on the Research tab on the left:

Frase Research

This will analyze the first 20 SERP results and generate a very helpful content brief, which includes:

  • An overview of the SERP for the chosen keyword
  • A list of potential headings you can use in an article
  • A list of potential resources you can link to in your piece
  • Statistics that your competition refers to
  • News articles you can link to
  • Wikipedia topics on the subject you’re writing about
Frase Research

It’s an interesting setup to reverse engineer successful articles, pinpoint what worked for them, and pick and choose what to use in your own piece.

Also, it’s a fast way to find valuable resources on the topic you want to write about.

However, this content brief is a double-edged sword.

Frase’s research is limited to what your competition already does on the SERP. 

It’s helpful. You’ll get an estimate for the monthly search volume, and all the keywords you need to target, and you’ll understand what search engines want from results in a particular keyword.

But it won’t be enough if you want to stand out among your competitors, and write an original article.

Except for the questions section.

There, Fraser will come up with things people usually ask, based on your competition’s articles. But it can also research Quora, People Also Ask, and Reddit to come up with those.

Frase Questions

And keep in mind: these questions aren’t just valuable for drafting an FAQ section for your article. 

These are the questions your future readers have about a topic. Questions you’ll need to answer with your article, social media post, or YouTube video.

Frase Questions on Reddit

So the research is a strong point of Frase.

But the questions are the ones that truly shine.

Frase Review: Pros And Cons

Pros When Using Frase

You’ve seen what Frase is capable of, so let’s make a short summary of what we analyzed so far in our Frase review.

First, Frase is extremely helpful for researching your competition. More so than most other SEO tools.

And its keyword research goes deeper than just estimating the organic traffic you’ll get. It actually creates helpful content briefs.

Considering the information it can deliver, it’s good at researching articles for you.

It’s also really helpful in creating a content outline:

Frase Create Outline

And it can save you a lot of time, especially when figuring out what questions you need to answer in your article.

AI content generation can shine sometimes, especially when creating some SEO content.

Oh and, before I don’t forget: 

The integrations Frase has are pretty good:

Frase Integrations

But it’s not all rosy.

Cons When Using Frase

Frase content creation stumbles over itself more often than it shines. 

Sure, the hiccups it has can be easily overcome by creating your own templates.

But compare the whole thing with other AI copywriting tools.

Simply put, other AI writing tools do a better job with the default templates. And they all support custom templates.

Another big problem with Frase is its pricing.

Frase Pricing

If you want the entire toolset (research and AI writing), Frase can set you back as much as $80/month. And that’s with a limit of 30 documents per month.

The expensive part is not the SEO add-on. It’s 35 bucks, as much as the competition.

Its research part is what sets you back a lot – $45/month. Again, compared to a tool like Surfer SEO, it’s pretty much on par.

But Surfer can optimize existing content better. And Jasper does AI generation better. 

So if you want it all in one place, and you can sacrifice some quality, Frase is a really good choice. If you’re fine with using two tools, there is a better setup out there.

Frase Review – Frase Pricing 

Frase offers three plans: Basic, Growth, and Enterprise.

frase pricing

Check Frase Pricing here.

1. Basic Plan

  • Costs $45/month
  • For Single users only
  • Lets you create or curate 30 Documents per month
  • Allows 250 users to engage with Answer Assistant per month
  • Basic Integrations include Google Search Console

2. Growth Plan

  • Costs $120/month
  • For 3 Users
  • Lets you create or curate unlimited documents per month
  • Allows 250 users to engage with Answer Assistant per month
  • Advanced Integrations include HubSpot CRM and Google Docs (coming soon)

3. Enterprise Plan

  • Allows a custom pricing
  • For Users
  • Lets you create or curate unlimited documents per month
  • Allows 250 users to engage with Answer Assistant per month
  • Provides premium support

Frase does not have a free version, but it offers a Free Trial with all its paid plans.

The Free Trial allows you to:

  • Create or optimize 5 documents in total
  • Research unlimited questions
  • Crawl through the Google search console once 
  • Test one answer engine for 30 days

I think this is a pretty good deal for a free trial! You can test out all the major features of Frase and then decide if it is worth purchasing.

Frase Review Conclusion: Is Frase IO Right For You?

So here’s the deal: Frase has a lot of helpful tools. The research goes much more in-depth than Surfer. The keyword recommendations and AI writing tools can sometimes be on-par with their competitors.

So if you want them all in one place, I urge you to give Frase a shot:

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