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social media platforms with the highest engagement rates

According to the search results, the platforms with the highest engagement rates for advertising vary depending on the source and industry.

Here are some key findings:

Instagram: Instagram is consistently mentioned as the most engaged social media platform for brands, with an engagement rate ranging from 2-7% per post. It is particularly effective for industries like education, government, and NGOs, where educational and visually appealing content performs well.

TikTok: TikTok has gained significant popularity and boasts the highest average engagement rate compared to other platforms, with an average engagement rate of 4.25% in 2022. It offers a unique format for brands to participate in trending challenges and increase their social media engagement rates

Facebook: Facebook falls between Instagram and Twitter in terms of engagement rates, but it still provides a valuable platform for advertising. However, the engagement rates tend to drop as the number of fans increases


Twitter: Twitter generally has the lowest engagement rates among the major social media platforms, with less than 0.2% of followers engaging with each post. However, it is worth noting that engagement rates can vary depending on the industry and content type.

It's important to consider that engagement rates can vary across industries and depend on factors such as content type, target audience, and the nature of the brand or organization. Therefore, it's recommended to analyze the specific industry benchmarks and audience preferences to determine the most effective platforms for advertising.

Remember to regularly track and analyze engagement metrics on different platforms to optimize your marketing strategies and adapt to changing trends and audience preferences

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