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How Email Marketing Works

How Does email marketing work?

Email as simple as it seems is quite complex. When you click send, the message is transmitted from your computer to the server associated with the recipient’s address. This process typically occurs via several other servers before the message gets to its intended recipient's mailbox.


When you click send, it gets to servers that check a few things in line with the international Anti-SPAM laws and a few other laws. these laws are put in place to protect everyone on the internet. Some of these laws include

Take some time to read more on the above-mentioned laws.

FREE Doman Vs Domain-based email:

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other email providers are not designed for sending emails en masse. They limit the number of daily recipients to 500 and may ban you for exceeding that limit. You will need your domain-based email address, this doesn't come with the limit as it's self-hosted.
You can get a domain name for as little as $20 get a hosting account to your domain and you can create as many domain-based emails as is allowed.

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